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Newly Arrived Immigrant Species to Hawai‘i
William D. Perreira is our Principal Investigator and Entomologist Consultant on our surveying for newly arrived insect species to Hawai‘i.  He studied Zoology at the University of Hawai‘i along with years in the study of insects.  Our consultant, William D. Perreira, Entomologist / Zoologist has over 30 years of experience.  While working at the University of Hawai‘i he has collected the “type specimen” of the world’s smallest known flying insect Kikiki huna, a fairy fly wasp, at Ili`ili`opae, Molokai and the native species of flightless flies.  And he continues to survey, identify, and collaborate with offshore professionals to find newly arrived species to Hawai’i.

Currently we have identified over 214 newly arrived species to Hawai’i, including 2 new families of insects, with many in publication.  We continue this important work to protect our precious flora and fauna.  Remember Tantalus with the grand native Hawaiian Wiliwili Trees? Sadly, the Erythrina Gall Wasp has almost eliminated them. And now our native Ōhi’a Lehua Trees are our present concern.

Invasive insect pests are estimated to cost the State of Hawai`i roughly $600 million dollars a year in damage to our economy and incalculable loses to our native environment. 

The following are some of the newly arrived 
immigrant species to Hawai‘i,

Collector by William D. Perreira / Entomologist
through the Dana Anne Yee Foundation.
Peer-Reviewed Professional Journal Papers
Written with the Dana Anne Yee Foundation
Scolopendra morsitans  - Centipede
New to the Hawaiian fauna
Rowland M. Shelley, Published - William D. Perreira, Collector

2014.  The centipede Scolopendra morsitans L., 1758, new to the

           Hawaiian fauna, and potential representatives of the

           “S. subspinipes Leach, 1815, complex” (Scolopendromorpha:                 Scolopendridae: Scolopendrinae).  Shelley, R.M., Perreira, W.D.

           and Yee, D.A. Insecta Mundi, 0338: 1-4.


2019.   New records of Coccinellidae (Coleoptera) from Hawai'i, U.S.A. Hesler, L.S., Perreira W.D., Yee D.A., Silva J.H.S. The Coleopterists Bulletin 73: 382-386.

Adult Sticholotis sp. collected from O`ahu Island, Hawai`i.     

Parallaxis yeeae -Leaf Hopper
New State Record, New to Science
Christopher H. Dietrich, Published and
William D. Perreira, Collector

2019. Eight Leafhoppers Newly Recorded From Hawaii, Including a New Species.  C. H. Dietrich, and W.D. Perreira. Annals of the Entomological Society of America.       

Moanalua V (1).jpg
Diptera,  Two-Winged Fly 
New State Record
Neal L. Evenhuis, Published - William D. Perreira, Collector 

2018.  New Records of Two-Winged Flies (Insecta: Diptera) from

           O‘ahu, Hawaiian Islands. Evenhuis, N.L., Perreira, W.D. and

           Yee, D.A.  In: Evenhuis, N.L. (ed.), Records of the Hawai`i

           Biological Survey for 2017. Bishop Museum Occasional

           Papers 123: 51–54.

Figure 31a.jpg

2017.  Leaf Blotch Miner New to Hawai`i.  W.D. Perreira, and D.A. Yee.  Landscape Hawaii, May / June 2017, Issue 36, page 28.

Size comparison of an Adult of Ketapangia sp. found attacking Indian Almond Tree on O`ahu. 
William D. Perreira, Collector
Ketapangia Penny.jpg
Deraeocoris orientalis - Plant Bug
New State Record
Thomas J. Henry, Published - William D. Perreira, Collector

2018.   First Records of The Predatory Plant Bug Deraecoris orientalis                  (Distant) (Heteroptera: Miridae) and Its Psyllid Prey Species                     Euceropsylla orizabensis (Crawford) (Sternorrhyncha:                               Psyllidae) in Hawaii and The United States. Henry, T.J.,                           Perreira, W.D., Yee, D.A. and O’Donell, C.A.  Proc.

                 Entomol. Soc. Wash. 120(4): 791–797.

possibly Deracoris.jpg
Red-Shouldered Bostrichid Beetle
New State Record

William D. Perreira, Collector.
New immigrant wood boring pest found on 
Hawai`i Island.
Red-shouldered bostrichid beetle .jpg
New Records Reported In Peer-Reviewed
Professional Journal Papers
New Species of Palaeoneura to Maui, Hawai`i.
Entomology Research Museum,
Department of Entomology, University of California, Riverside, California Published November 2018 -
William D. Perreira, Collector.

2018.  A New Species of Palaeoneura Waterhouse (Hymenoptera:

           Mymaridae) From California, USA, With Taxonomic Notes on                 Palaeoneura saga (Girault) Comb. N.  Triapitsyn, S.V. J.

           Ent. Soc. Ont. 149: 33–47.                     

Palaeoneura 2018 Maui.jpg
Euroxenus vayssieresi, Kailua, Kona, Hawai`i. 
First Record of the Family Issidae - Plant Hopper to Hawai`i.
Preprint: Vladimir Gnezdilov and Charles Barlett.
William D. Perreira, Collector.

2022.  First record of the family Issidae (Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha,             Fulgoroidea) from the Hawaiian Islands. Vladimir Gnezdilov
           and Charles R. Bartlett.  Biodiversity Data Journal
           10: e80135 doi: 10.3897/BDJ.10.e80135 .

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