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About the


The Dana Anne Yee Foundation, is a Hawai’i  501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, that focuses on early stages of protection and preservation of our beautiful Hawaiian Islands. “EARLY” is the key word. Responsible stewardship begins with teaching and sharing our knowledge with our keiki at an “EARLY" age. Dana Anne Yee, the Foundation’s principal and a prominent local landscape architect, has long been a leader in teaching the keiki of Hawai`i to be helpers and future leaders in keeping Hawai’i special. Our grass roots Foundation will provide sustainable, native, edible, and learning gardens for the keiki in areas of the island that are in need.


Another arm of our organization is the “EARLY" detection of invasive insect pest species. Identifying such species “EARLY," before they become detrimental pests, is key to protecting our beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

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